Winter leagues and team sports are one of the best ways to break up the monotony of the cold weather months, and looking the part only makes things more fun and exciting.  At Custom Jerseys, we make it easy and affordable to keep your team looking more professional.  So whether it’s on the ice or on the field, you can have confidence in our quality, selection and attention to every detail.

Here are just a few of our most popular winter sports jerseys for teams, coaches and all you proud parents out there.  We have many more in stock as well as fully-customized team jerseys for those seeking a more personalized look!

Personalized Hockey Jerseys

Regardless of whether you’re new to winter hockey leagues or have been playing your entire life, having the right jersey can give you a big boost of confidence on the ice.  We offer a diverse selection of custom hockey jerseys for both youth and adult leagues. Have them designed in the colors of your favorite team, choose from a wide range of standard jerseys, or get creative with a completely unique color scheme of your choosing.

Personalized Team Hoodies

Popular among winter football leagues and other outdoor sports, having custom hoodies created is an affordable alternative to traditional jerseys.  There are dozens of colors and styles to choose from, and each hoodie can be customized with players names, team logos, numbers and other unique design elements.  Choose from affordable lightweight materials all the way up to our most premium heavyweight winter hoodies.

Custom Hats & Headgear

Need something to keep your head warm while enjoying your favorite outdoor sport during the winter months?  We offer a vast selection of hats, caps and customized headgear for players of every age and skillset. This includes a great selection of traditional baseball caps, customized winter hats and many others.  Custom hats are also great for coaches and make excellent gifts for parents and family members.

Create the Perfect Team Jersey for Your Winter Sports League

For more ideas on how to create the perfect custom winter jersey or team apparel, get in touch with Custom Jerseys by phone at 585-653-8654, or by writing to us thorough our website’s contact page.